b.l.b the story

The story of Whitstable shop and gallery Betty Loves Bryan, how we came to join the Whitstable shopping scene and become an exciting Whitstable art gallery

betty loves bryan: the story

Once upon a time there was a couple named Betty and Bryan who lived in London. Bryan had been in the navy and after the war they wanted to live by the sea. The young couple came to a place called Whitstable with their three little children and as time went on they had two more, one of them named Elizabeth.

'We grew up gardening, cooking, making things - the kitchen table permanently covered with paint and glitter.' The children all went to live in London and overseas, but eventually returned to Whitstable and B and B with their families. 'Now we are all here, though sadly Betty and Bryan are no longer with us (maybe they turned into seagulls or shells in the sea). But if they hadn't come to Whitstable none of us would be here! So what better name for a Whitstable gallery than something that means such a lot?'