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Karuna Clayton

August 2014

I generate moments where people stop and reflect, break or pause. If a natural or authentic space can be engendered some fresh or unique or even magical quality can arise.

These are introspective moments and their process is ephemeral. The transient almost slippery nature of each moment means each image can only be captured once. This unique quality is reflected in the development process.

There is an almost transcendental quality to many of the moments I capture in my images. My models are often in states of absorption and their gaze is averted. The women photographed are introspective which in a sense is intimately linked to my own process of reflection, my own journey of discovery. My works are in some sense self-portraits shown through the other. The person photographed is an avatar, an extension of myself.

These imitate moments are fragile, my model needs to feel at ease and comfortable about sharing their internal world, a space where they can be receptive, open and authentic.

I use wet photography, brushing, splashing and rubbing developer onto the paper foregrounding the medium, impelling the viewer to recognise the photographic process. By combining this painterly approach to photography it gives and adds to the process an elusive, ephemeral, and transcendent quality.