View Whitstable artists' work exhibited in the lovely betty loves bryan art gallery. Recent exhibitions include work by Paul Fowler, Liz Shedden, Nick Kelly, Sara Stokes, Selma Firth and more

Liz Shedden June 2016

New paintings continuing the theme of looking out into the distance across to the sea and the boats and shapes between the shore and the horizon.  Soft, tranquil colours pervade but a few wild colours thrown in for good measure!

Pink Whitstable 90x90cm

Ginny Scadeng June 2016

New paintings by Ginny Scadeng "Expressing a love of colour and painterly brushwork, these paintings are inspired by the natural and manmade world"

Sue Carfrae and Chris Hunt

In April we are pleased to be exhibiting work by Sue Carfrae and Chris Hunt.  

Sue is well known in Whitstable for her captivating photographs of the beach and surrounding areas concentrating on textures and shapes.  Here we are proud to show her latest work following on from her successful show at the Horsebridge with Chris Hunt.

Chris's textural abstract paintings show emotion and energy and as you will see the two artists work complement each other perfectly.......

Paul Fowler

We are pleased to be showing Paul Fowler's beautiful and evocative paintings of the Kent landscape at the gallery at b loves b.  A thoughtful use of colour and line, Paul's work is always popular.

Elisa Hudson November 2015

We are proud to announce that we will be showcasing work by Elisa Hudson in the gallery at betty loves bryan during the month of November.

Beautiful evocative drawings of oyster shells, mussels and other forms from nature are the main themes for Elisa's exquisite  work.  From large canvases in oils showing forms in close up or  grid like patterns to smaller works in pastel all meticulously worked - this is an exhibition you must not miss!

Come along and meet the artist when we will be having an open evening on Wednesday 11 November 6-9pm.

Nick Kelly August 2015

For the month of August we are exhibiting fresh new work by Nick Kelly.  For some time Nick has been painting little quirky watercolours of Whitstable as well as views taken on his many long walks and travels.  Recently he has been exploring a different technique on canvas and I think you will agree this is a very agreeable development!  His series of paintings of tiny figures paddling or captured in a vast landscape have a sense of calm and serenity..........  Catch them in the upstairs gallery at b loves b........

Liz Shedden June 2015

New paintings by me this month!!!  I'm so excited to show you my new paintings which are a culmination of ideas, thoughts and sketches over the last 6 months.  

There are 10 new pieces in the upstairs gallery (and one in the window) this month so hope to see you at the gallery where I am happy to talk about my work.


across the green to the blue

Steph Brunton

April 2015

I live and work in our wonderful seaside town of Whitstable and am influenced by the colours of the sea and sky and often paint the view of my beach hut on West beach.  Each painting is different as the light and weather change constantly.

I am very interested in people and the things that they do, or the things that they have around them.

My most recent work is about performers and how they take on a role or personality when performing to an audience.  Many of my paintings attempt to convey a stillness and in 'Waiting in the wings' in the moments before or after the performance.  Sometimes it is the energy or concentrated effort of the performance that I try to depict.

waiting in the wings.jpeg

Estelle Jourd

March 2015

"i have lived and worked in Whitstable for most of my life and studied art the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury.  My paintings are of here, the ever changing sea and sky and the flat marshland inspire and challenge me.  

I work in oil on canvas and wood, mostly with a palette knife.  I paint in my studio at my home in Seasalter.  My work evolves over a period of time, layering the paint until the history of marks and colours creates the texture and form I want.  I have a close connection and love of the sea.  I enjoy swimming and sailing and just looking as much as possible.

I exhibit extensively in the Canterbury area and also in two London galleries.  I have also exhibited in France."

2015-03-01 11.12.46.jpg

'In the mood for love' February 2015

I invited 20 artists to contribute to a group exhibition with the title 'In the mood for love'.

Well 22 artists arrived with their interpretation of romance. There are 36 pieces in all on show - an eclectic mix of  canvases, tiny driftwood sculptures, prints and paintings large and small.  The subject matter ranging from Oysters (how  romantic),  moonlit scenes,  wistful florals and of course an abundance of hearts.

Tracie Peisley

December - January

Tracie Peisley graduated from MA Fine Art at City of Birmingham Polytechnic in 1989 and BA Fine Art at Bath College of Higher Education in 1988.

She has a vibrant painterly style, her work is influenced by her second home in Greece. She paints freely allowing themes from her subconscious to emerge. Each piece has a personal reference. It has an emotional tension or resonance.

Paul Fowler

November 2014

Paul was born in Hartlepool, Co. Durham in 1970. After a Foundation Diploma at Cleveland College of Art he moved to Kent in 1989, graduating from Kent Institute of Art and Design with a B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art (Painting) in 1992 . He lives with his family near Faversham in Kent and works from a studio close to the coast and the Swale estuary, which has inspired much of his landscape work...

  " I like to employ a range of materials and techniques in my work, often water based media - acrylic, watercolour, ink - on a variety of surfaces from paper to board, canvas to driftwood. The paintings explore the landscape and coastline of Kent, its flora, fauna and endlessly changing light and atmosphere. Paintings are begun in the field, after an initial period of walking, sketching, observing and committing a place to memory. From this starting point the work starts to take on a life of its own, with chance and accident in the painting process being an
important factor in the finished painting."

Nick Kelly

October 2014

I have been painting in watercolour for the past 20 years or so. It's been a source of enjoyment, experimentation as I have travelled, worked and played. Sometimes you get stuck, sometimes you just smile and sometimes you just do it for the moment - capturing a brief glimpse of the day, the mood,the light, the haze.  In case you are wondering I am one of Liz's older brothers - we grew up in Whitstable in the 50s and 60s  - lucky to have a life by the seaside.

Sarah Stokes

September 2014

Sarah Stokes

Welcome to my colourful and playful paintings.

My paintings are intuitive expressions of life, moment by moment, like a visual poetry-being open and fearless, unapologetic.

A translation of energy into colourful markmaking.

I hope they communicate this heartfelt life to life dynamism which can transform tricky moments to create value.

I’m self taught and have been painting a few years now and I usually play with charcoal, water, inks and acrylic, sometimes oil until I’m happy with the piece. 

Currently based in Ramsgate I have exhibited across the UK and am

fortunate to have sold work across Europe and in the United States.

Karuna Clayton

August 2014

I generate moments where people stop and reflect, break or pause. If a natural or authentic space can be engendered some fresh or unique or even magical quality can arise.

These are introspective moments and their process is ephemeral. The transient almost slippery nature of each moment means each image can only be captured once. This unique quality is reflected in the development process.

There is an almost transcendental quality to many of the moments I capture in my images. My models are often in states of absorption and their gaze is averted. The women photographed are introspective which in a sense is intimately linked to my own process of reflection, my own journey of discovery. My works are in some sense self-portraits shown through the other. The person photographed is an avatar, an extension of myself.

These imitate moments are fragile, my model needs to feel at ease and comfortable about sharing their internal world, a space where they can be receptive, open and authentic.

I use wet photography, brushing, splashing and rubbing developer onto the paper foregrounding the medium, impelling the viewer to recognise the photographic process. By combining this painterly approach to photography it gives and adds to the process an elusive, ephemeral, and transcendent quality.

Liz Shedden and Nick Kelly

July 2014

Liz Shedden 

Liz trained in fashion and textiles but has been painting and exhibiting her work in Whitstable for the past 20 years. She is mostly known for her ' windy seascapes' but also features cups, jugs, hearts and script in her work. She has recently started making prints and designing clothes again and these and her paintings are available to buy or commission at b loves b.

Some of Liz Shedden's earliest memories are the sounds of the tinkling halyards on boats as she was pushed in her pram along the beach path in Whitstable. These memories and a love of colour inspire her seascapes painted in thick buttery acrylic paint capturing the spirit of windy sea breezes. Cups, jugs, flowers, hearts and a love of text also feature in her paintings in frosty pastels or clashing brights.

Liz has exhibited her work in many group and solo shows in and around Whitstable and her work is bought by clients keen to make a collection or simply to take a little bit of Whitstable home with them.

Liz lives in Whitstable and is married with two children and one grandchild... And three goldfish...


Nick Kelly

I have been painting in watercolour for the past 20 years or so. It's been a source of enjoyment, experimentation as I have travelled, worked and played. Sometimes you get stuck, sometimes you just smile and sometimes you just do it for the moment - capturing a brief glimpse of the day, the mood,the light, the haze.  In case you are wondering I am one of Liz's older brothers - we grew up in Whitstable in the 50s and 60s  - lucky to have a life by the seaside.


Sue Carfrae

June 2014

The camera is the connection to my inner self and a means of exploration. With an enquiring eye and a desire to grasp the ‘moment’ I use a phone, a compact camera or SLR to explore the mundane and the usual, focusing on detail and texture in a bid to look beyond ‘normal’.

Selina Firth

May 2014

Selina Firth - Selina was born in Edinburgh in her father's printing studio and grew up surrounded with huge canvases of abstract expressionism, the sounds of modern jazz and the constant fervent art debates with her family's bare-footed beatnik comrades.  Selina went on to study at the London College of printing and trained in fine art and printing at Central school of art in London. Selina's focus is on colour, form, light and relationship - these are developed until each work becomes and integrated whole.